Considering the large coverage of the news of the large melt extent over Greenland reported by NASA, I thought it would be helpful to report some of the previously detected melt extent 'anomalies'.
The melt extent observed during July 2012 is unprecedented (during the satellite era, 1979 - to date) but I can recall at least two cases (one in Greenland and one in Antarctica) when melt extent was out of the ordinary. 

Check our new video showing the north and death of a supraglacial lake in West Greenland. Click here or on the image below !

Map of annual melting indeces from satellite microwave data for the period 1979 - 2011

The image on the left shows a different way to visualize  the melting index obtained from spaceborne microwave remote sensing data. The size of the fonts for each year is proportional to the rank of the year in terms of melting index (e.g., the bigger the font the stronger the melting). Colors complement the size of the fonts and indicate by how many standard deviations that particular year was above (red color) or below (blue color) the average. Note that the color scale is not linear. Feel free to use the image for presentations, talks or anything that might be helpful to you. I would appreciate to be contacted to know where the image has been used for. High-resolution version is available upon request. In any case, please credit M. Tedesco.

Year 2011 Greenland melting remains well above the (1979 – 2010) average; close-to-record mass loss

Melting in Greenland in 2011 was still above the average (1979 – 2010 baseline period), exceptionally high over the west coast and reaching close-to-record simulated surface mass balance, bare ice exposure, albedo and runoff anomalies. See here for more details or go to
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Here’s the first picture from our expedition to Greenland. I am standing on the edge of one of the four moulins we found at the bottom of the supraglacial lake that, among other things, we studied this year. The lake drained in ~ 1.5 hours ! More visual material, including a time lapse of the draining lake and more stills of our expedition, will be coming soon. High-resolution of the picture is available upon request.

Here’s a short movie of videos and stills from Greenland that we collected during our 2009 and 2010 expeditions. The theme is: meltwater. You will see canyons through which water flows, supraglacial lakes and ice cracks routing surface water to the bottom of the ice sheet. The vocal background at the beginning is a Shaman Inuit Chant.
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Follow our updated results on the melting record in Greenland in 2010

Here also some of the media coverage:

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Our 2009 expedition to Greenland is reported on the Jun 2010 issue of the National Geographic magazine. Here’s the cover and the link to an excerpt of the article.

Olivia picks up the name for daddy’s expedition to the Greenland supraglacial lakes in 2010

Here’s an image of the Hudson on January 31, around 9 AM. I was going for my long run, as every Sunday, and saw that the Hudson was covered by ice. Snow around and clear skies helped to make me feel at home. So, do I miss the poles ? Yes, of course, but it does help to see that even NYC can connect me with some of the visions from the Arctic and Antarctica.

Small note on the photo: the pictures is a panorama (360 degrees around). Now I usually do not go running with a tripod and an expensive camera but I do sometime use my Iphone for listening to music. I had the idea of taking panoramas with my IPhone some time ago. You might not be able to print high resolution pictures but you have it everywhere ! I am planning to develop more ideas on using this gadget for panoramas, especially for every day situations.



ps. The high resolution is available upon request