Here's a message that Chris Shuman from UMBC/NASA Goddard posted on cryolist concerning the Summit Greenland temperatures. I am also attaching an updated figure from Chris showing that temperatures at Summit reached high values again over the past few days. I quickly looked at satellite data and though I could not see any melting for those days, the area undergoing melting was going up again. I will post an update later. 

For those of you interested in the reported air temperatures at Summit, the NOAA data for 2012 is illustrated here relative to several previous years of their JJA data (up to July 25th so far).

The data shown will be updated periodically through the end of August. And it bears repeating that the snow surface temperature (as tracked by MODIS or the passive microwave sensors, see the NASA press release) can differ by several degrees from the nominal 2 meter air temperature.

Cheers, Christopher

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