Here’s an image of the Hudson on January 31, around 9 AM. I was going for my long run, as every Sunday, and saw that the Hudson was covered by ice. Snow around and clear skies helped to make me feel at home. So, do I miss the poles ? Yes, of course, but it does help to see that even NYC can connect me with some of the visions from the Arctic and Antarctica.

Small note on the photo: the pictures is a panorama (360 degrees around). Now I usually do not go running with a tripod and an expensive camera but I do sometime use my Iphone for listening to music. I had the idea of taking panoramas with my IPhone some time ago. You might not be able to print high resolution pictures but you have it everywhere ! I am planning to develop more ideas on using this gadget for panoramas, especially for every day situations.



ps. The high resolution is available upon request